Tuesday, August 01, 2006

A little trip down memory lane shall we?

A student of mine, Raymund Ferrer brought some of his collections of old 90's komiks including issues with my early works. I'll show you guys more of these title soon but for now, let us take our eyes unto this one first. The 3nd issue of Kick Fighter dated February 22, 1993. This is those times when video arcades are booming and kids love all them video game characters but everything else about them was so limited to alot of people. Internet was not that popular then. So Infinity Inc. made a huge risk of publishing this fight book. One of the first to come out. It was not intended to promote superheroes but Fighting in general. The cover was done by me. Although, all the characters inside are clearly parodies of the original concepts that is of course Street Fighters. Readers wanted more from the arcades and liked the title.

I've also scanned some inside pages to show you the original line up of writers and artists involved in the komiks magazine as the titles like this was technically named. During this time, I was about to quit comics. This title and BIOTROG saved my career so to speak.


Anonymous said...

..hehe, ayos talaga ang internet. Nung Elementary ako lagi din akong bumubili ng KickFighter eh.. and hanggang ngayon 'yung pangalan mo talaga nag stick sa utak ko,, and 'yung art mo. tanong ko lang chief sino kasi 'yung nagdrowing nung mga character na "kambal" 'yung parang tag team wrestler na Demolition(?),, sa kanya natoka si Bison? Thanks..ΓΌ

monsanto said...

Lando Inolino yun Pare koy! :)

christopher george said...

hi bosing gilbert, sunday ngaun and naisip ko lang bigla ung kick fighter comics, haaay, the best talaga! Thank you for the memories, back when i was an 80lbs weakling in high school na laging binubully, comics nyo lng ni bosing lando ang tanging comfort blanket ko and it helped me go through the hard times, now i'm already an established career person with a beautiful wife and a son i can consider a prodigy! Thanks ng sobra sa inyong 2 ni boss lando! Btw, nmention ko b n ngaun e 250lbs nko ngaun with blackbelts in karate and aikido? I owe it all to u guys, thanks for giving me a dream i can build on

monsanto said...

Christopher: Ako rin nung Elementary at High School may bullies din ako. Pero okay lang sa atin yun. We are stronger because of them, I think :)

I'm glad na nakatulong kami kahit papaano noon sa iyo.

Ingats lagi,
Gilbert M