Tuesday, August 01, 2006

He smiled :)

Last Saturday, we went to PGH for a scheduled ultrasound. The doctor said that our baby is a boy. Actually early on, we already had an ultrasound, this was on the third month of her pregnancy. The doctor then also told us that she can already see a tootoot(penis), but we decided not to jump into conclusion until the 5th month. Well, we really hoped it would be a girl this time since our first child is a cutie boy. It is perfectly okay for us as long as our baby is healthy.

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During the whole procedure, as the doctor was talking about 4d ultrasound and how much it costs. She managed to show us our baby's face, and what do you know? He smiled. I guess he'll be just like his kuya Kyle who is always smiling and laughing just like their daddy hehe.



ang saya at exciting siguro ang feeling pag ganyang nakikita mo nang nabubuo yong baby mo..:)goodluck!

Chard said...

hehe..ang cute naman..gudluk on your 2nd child.

monsanto said...

Thanks guys at oo masaya nga :)

Anonymous said...

4D ultrasound is just so cool...and so is your baby..imagine he smiled when the procedure was done..he must have known that you were looking and that somebody was taking him pix..hay, another cutie kyle or shall i say li'l gibby in the world..soon..good luck!:)

azrael said...

wow its a boy!!!

congrats sa inyo!