Wednesday, September 27, 2006

15 min CATWOMAN for a JAM

Here is a simple 15 minutes Catwoman for a friend's Blog JAM! Hoping this is okay DADICUS! :)


DADICUS said...

This is a wonderful drawing by-far the best one yet!!!

jtmtzrwj said...

Hello sir Gilbert.

I think everyone should do guerilla marketing (Firefly fans are doing this all the time.) Take one of the TROPA posters and email it to all your contacts with a special message from you. Or use it as a signature/avatar when posting on messageboards. Just to raise awareness about the book. And don't forget to link back to Mr. Monsanto's site.

I've posted one of your teaser posters on my own blog (hope it's okay). I figured if someone is going to happen to read my blog, they might as well find an ad for your new komiks. Heheh


mangguhit said...

kinse minutos!
hanep ang bilis mo...
bloke pa lang sa 'kin yun ah :)

monsanto said...

maliit pa sa bond paper ang drawing na iyan :) kaya mabilis.