Saturday, September 09, 2006

Komiks should be made cheaper?

Another topic about komiks, this one from John Becaro:

For what I have observed nowadays, people really miss reading affordable comics...So it is advisable if we could lay affordable comics yet very high in quality.Yes, if we will try to check the demographics, ages like 20 up really seem to miss reading comics(because they belong to the generation of reading comics between 1990's-when the comic industry is still up).20 below, teenagers tend to buy comics if they have an extra allowance on them.So if we will check below puberty line class, they prefer to buy food than reading comics.But they also wanted to buy if it is afforadable due to their limited access on entertainment and internet.Middle Class will have a probability on buying a comic book but will just check it as an option on their shopping list.So they still prefer buying their "needs" and not the "wants". Upper Class will highly buy a comics if their attention are captured.As of this moment we still have the chance to make the industry became more bigger by considering the demographics.If we wanted to achieve potential marketing we have to make sure it is accesible to all market ages and demographics. Who will read the comics,?How much is the price?Is it worth reading ?And how can we relate it to them?And is it entertaining?This are the probable questions that would help us achieving our marketing strategy.

My answer:

I think we have a dilemma, it is easy to say that we should print komiks using cheaper materials akin to what Atlas/GASI used before. We can say that it will be better since the art will also be better. We can do that yes, but remember the komiks of yesterdays are refered to as "Pambalot ng tinapa." What are the odds that they won't do that again today? I think image and materials are big factors to show the new readers/consumers of todays komiks to give the proper message that THIS product needs care and IS worthy to be called collectable buy. The old komiks that survived in my "baul" are all so muddy and full of creases, not because of mishandling but because of poor choice of material. I think our komiks should shout out to potential buyers " INVEST IN US." That includes the product's overall look from the writing to the art and most especially in the paper used. These little things give komiks its' soul.
Have you ever wondered why people rented their local komiks for 50 cents while people would not just hand out their imported comics to friends? When I was in high school I would trade my issue of fantastic four with my classmate's X-men title for what? collateral. Yes, we value our comic books that much. Why? Because it is so expensive. Simple logic to me that only those who value a comic book of komiks should buy komiks. Only with respect to this medium one should open and read through these pages to be rewarded with months of preperations that the creative team placed into it so that at one special time will be given to a reader.
The old ways is dead to me. Since I came from an era where komiks are made cheap and talents are paid measly amounts, just to make sure that the publishers are assured that their talents are made to grab anything that is offered to them. The real reasons why we were called contributors states the obvious. We are not employed, we are contractuals. We don't have nothing but the hope that we'll still be needed by editors for as long as we can last. If we asked for more than what they give? it is so easy to replace us. There is no royalties in the Philippines, well not in komiks magazines. The logic behind this is simple, a lot of people working on one title. It's almost an impossible feat just to give a certain amount to the whole hungry mouths and divide them evenly. But I am convinced that this is not so. Imagine a book with 20 creators, every issue sold 30-100,000 copies. If the publisher really wanted to give royalties, they can. I believe in the US, they would give like 5% or less to every issue sold to the creative team. It can now be divided to each of the talent. It is being done by the music industry here in the Philippines, i think it is best to do the same thing with comics as well.
So many things to point out but I still think that komiks should be given the quality treatment it deserves and should not just be bought because it is cheap to begin with.



Sir Gilbert,

That is one big helluva explaination! Very well said, sir...

Your points are the exact rebutall that we need on why we should give proper
cost on the price of present Philippine Comics...I am convince that Komiks right now must be given a just and utmost value...

Yes, if we will be giving a cheap product, the public will not take care of it as one of their collection.

Sir, I guess you need to have a separate article regarding this matter.Im glad that you have that strong concern and value on the creative team of comics.(hehehe..just a suggestion).. This would really give proper guide to the new generation of readers and as well as aspiring creative teams on the industry.

The old ways are dead actually. Burried deep and the new generation dont care much of that anyway

Anyway, I have another thing to present to you Sir : I think what we need to focus right now is How to make the present Komiks to become a "Demand or need" sa Market or whatever Market segment we have....I guess primary problem rin natin yan aside sa quality ng product natin. Kasi pag demand na ang komiks, marami na ang bibili, lalakas ang Sales at magkakaroon uli ng sigla ang Industriya.

Thanks for another enlightenment Sir...

Anonymous said...

sarap tlaga basahin blog ni sir Gilbert! ...very well said at great points din nman..amen to that "..only those who value a comic book of komiks should buy komiks." and " should not just be bought because it is cheap to begin with." Hirap din kya gawin ng comics at dami pa contributors..

Good luck Sir Gilbert sa Sacred Mountain Productions nyo more blessings and offers to come din..galing nyo po tlaga!

DCel said...

Yup. Very much agree with Mr. G here. We need quality in the product. The trade off is price. But if the quality would be that damn good (based on Mr. G's teaser posters), I'm sure as hell gonna check this out.