Monday, September 18, 2006


Been busy lately. Finishing our first book is both exciting and exhausting. Especially if your publisher is your wife. "Yes Dear!" is all can say to that. It is done and the next step is the printing process. I am now working on the second title. We decided to try and finish the book for it to also make its initial debut at this year's Komikon. The book is a Half/Half in nature ( no, not in terms of Gender), because half of it will be Manga influenced and the other half is Global ( western/europe/komiks or all of the above classification of style). Whadayouknow, manga is the only category divided from the rest. Anyway, I do not believe in all that what style should be used. I believe however that comics should be one thing. A good product! Whatever style we like to do, that is our option in life. It is like religion. We respect the person no matter what religion he/she is in. Anyway, hope to see you at the Komikon 2006, we'll be at table E22, right next to Gerry Alanguilan, as I've been told.

I'll post in images soon. Promise! The title of the book by the way is TROPA. The book is all about friendship and the adventures that take us in by the power of brotherhood and all that stuff that shapes us into who we are, individuals one and all.

I am not alone in this, Jim Jimenez, Kriss Sison, Lui Antonio and newcomer Marvin Maglaque joined us to bring you the 1st ever issue under Sacred Mountain Publications. Although I have to color the whole 52 pages of it, with my wife Glenda. My friend, Reginald Ting helped me with the letters. Whew!

Oh I am going to start selecting an email sender for the "I am a komik reader" and should be able to show you what the lucky sender will be getting in the mail :)

Until the next update! :)


Richard said...

excited na ko kuya gilbert!!!


Good Luck Po!^___^

Anonymous said...

Wow! Good luck, Gilbert! :D


DADICUS said...

WOW I wish I could buy and issue, are you going to put a purchase link on your blog when they are available? Because I'll buy 2! one you can sign and the other I'll read! and enjoy!

p.s. is it in english?

Ner P said...

tambay n lang ako sa booth mo at dun sa booth ni kc kung kukuha siya.

jet orbida said...

hi gilbert.
sali ako sa I AM A KOMIKS READER (dati). Hehehe!
Nakakatuwa na nabuhay ulit ang komiks sa tulong ninyong mga bagong artist. Alam ko inabot mo ang LAST HURRAH ng mga ROCES PUBLICATIONS kina Julio Guerrero. Ang masasabi ko sa komiks industry ngayon, parang movie industry. Namatay at muling nabubuhay. Inabot ko kasi yung patapos na ang GOLDEN AGE ng pelikula at gayundin sa GOLDEN AGE ng komiks. Dekada otsenta yun. Kayo nina Coloma, dekada nubenta na.
Teenager ako ng pumasok sa komiks industry, 19 years old. Naglalaway ako sa mga dibuho nina VIC CATAN, LANDO NINO, LAN MEDINA, SONNY ANTHONY, CAL SOBREPENA. Pero iyon ay kapag di "hack job." Bilang editor alam ko pag minadali ang trabaho. Kasi alam ko kung gaano kagaling ang mga iyon.
Ngayon, balik tayo sa present komiks industry. Una, di ako bumibili, kasi di ko masubaybayan ang mga istorya. Ikalawa, mukha ngang may kamahalan. Ikatlo, ang buyer niyo ngayon ay hindi na yung buyer sa newsstands. Mga mall rats na ang buyers niyo. Kaya tama lang na nandun ang produkto sa malls. Hindi gaanong visible ang komiks art ngayon kasi di na siya nakikita sa mga bahay. DI katulad dati, no offense meant, ang mga "kasama" sa bahay ang nag-uuwi ng mga komiks. Babasahin ni ate, ni kuya at ni bunso pag nakalusot. Ngayon, free for all na. Multi-media na ang kalaban.
Isang payo sa marketing. Go to the schools. Andun ang mga batang mahilig sa illustrations at fantasy stories. Sila ang merong wild imagination. Sila ang mga fans nina Spiderman, Superman, X-men, Kickfighter atbpa. Nakikita ko iyan sa mga pamangkin kong lalaki. Malaki pa rin ang impluwensiya ng komiks characters sa mga bata. Pero TV at MOVIES ang nakikita nila. Hindi komiks. Go back to your chilchood and analyze why you wanted to illustrate in the first place. It was those super heroes that you grew up with. You were idolizing them. Sila ang greates influence sa buhay artist mo. Again, go to your market. Go to the elementary and high schools. I still remember my kid si Janel, naalala mo sa Guadalupe Viejo. Tulala siya when he met you dahil idol niya ang mga dibuho mo sa KICKFIGHTER? Think about it. Nung bata pa ako.....