Wednesday, October 25, 2006

The LAUNCH, a RAFFLE and then SOME

Komikon 2006 was a blast! The launch for both Rambol and Tropa was a success with a lot of positive feedbacks. The place was full of creative geniuses in the field and it is nice to have a chat with most of them while I made my rounds around the area. Aside from selling our komiks, we had a little something for those who would buy from us on that day. We have this small scale raffle just for fun. I prepared an original artwork of BIOTROG for a lucky individual who bought a set of komiks from us.

I know it is not much but I felt that a little token of thanks is required for the support they gave us and our book. So just yeserday, we started the raffle, we designated numbers to each of their names and placed them into a small container. I was actually suprised to see lots of respected comic creators' names on the list. Truly, the comic industry in the Philippines runs on a close and much welcomed support system.

Later within the day we called upon our very own version of a DTI (Darling Toddlers Inc.)representative and he eagerly lent us his hand on picking the winner for the draw.

The winner with a number 10 on his listed name, is none other than Dominique Cimafranca with only his blogsite written on the paper, I'll have to email him to ask him his current address so i can send him the original artwork.

That night, with much energy to spare. i decided to work on the 2nd issue cover for Rambol. During my time working in local komiks, I've always wondered who will win between X-Trooper and Biotrog. In this issue, we will finally know and it won't be a tie unlike the rest of this kind of slug fest story that has been done again and again in Marvel/DC books.

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Reno said...

Hey Gilbert!

OF the two books, I enjoyed RAMBOL much more. TROPA seems to be geared more towards kids and teens, so I don't think I'm the target market for that. :)

In RAMBOL... ALAGAD,INC. looks to be the story with much more substance and intrigue. METROPOLITAN was much like an early Image comic. Not that that's a bad thing, mind you. I enjoyed seeing these old characters of yours sharing one universe, but for some readers who may not know wo these characters are, they might get a bit confused.

All in all, enjoyable reads. But I hope in future issues, we'll get to know more about the characters and their motivations.

Just my two cents. :)