Wednesday, October 11, 2006

My answer to another letter.

Good day sir!

You may have heard or read this question a million times, but how does one get to apply to be an artist in the local comic book industry. I dont have any one to back me up. Just plain old hard work.


My answer:


There are several ways to break into comics:

1.) Self-publishing- More and more publications now are looking into those independent titles. Because they can really look at your work in a finished and polished format. This is beneficial to you as well. You'll get your very own signature product. This will also be your testing ground, if you'll have a fan based audience who will support you with other and future projects.

2.) Create your own gallery on the web. Easy access to potential publishers, try to open an account, either a Deviantart or a simple blog to showcase your work. Your goal is to entertain possible readers of your work.

3.) Join a group, there is power in numbers. Working with people can really help you improve. It will also be a rewarding experience since most artists are loners. Social skills should be encouraged.

4.) Whenever people say that you need more practice, that means you need to learn more about your weakness and strength. Improvement is the key word. If you'll practice and practice doing the same routine? Chances are, the results will be the same. Try new things, if you've mastered a technique, move on and work on new techniques until improvements are evident. You'll know because people around you will tell you exactly that.

5.) Dedication- Comics is a lifestyle. If you are going to try this out of curiousity or as a hobby, do so. But, be quick to stop if you feel it is not working out. Because if it does not work out the way you want it to happen? It never will. it takes a lot of heart to stay in this business. It will only get easier if you love doing comics.

Hope that helps,
Gilbert Monsanto

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