Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Komiks Congress? What I think?

I think that it should not be just about one man, who feels that the lead cast of " The return of the King" thing. It is about komiks and how we sell them back to the hearts of our beloved readers. The real lifeline of this Industry. It is not about styles, nor from what group or tribe you are in, especially not about who is better. It is not about seniority either. This is about the future. We've placed our trust in it, that we are doing whatever we can just to achieve and accomplish as much as we have. Don't mess with it.

I think that the real difference from the komiks of today is that they or we since I was once a part of that dark tradition where we were mere contributors of the big companies then, puppets of playing siblings playing gods. Komiks today are done by young, dedicated and should be considered heroes of today. Imagine these creators are not getting much from each herculean step they make just to revive a sleeping giant. When the so called masters turned their backs to work on other more profitable jobs like animation and such when komiks was sick and dying on its knees, we fought harder. They never had the courage to self-publish because they know it is suicide, yet we dove in and took on the challenge. We are the komiks of today. We respect them for who they are and how they inspired us. But for them to claim victory to something they did nothing for a long time? PWE!


Jon said...

The Kongreso ng Komiks did turn out to be a congress of personalities and not of the real issues. Most was not able to voice their opinions although the theme was "Tumindig at makita, magsalita nang marinig para sa komiks ng Pilipinas." They don't want to answer questions regarding the publishing and marketing problems. I hope things get better next meeting.

Ner P said...

yeah hope things get better, though i wasn't able to go because of deadlines i did get some feedback and i am also not too happy with what happen. let the messiah do his thing and we'll just do ours na lang.

asa pa tayo dyan?!

scruff said...

Sayang naman yung pagkakataon... Oh well, kung may messiah na syempre heresy tsaka blasphemy ang kumontra hehe (kulto na to...).

Jonas Diego said...

OK lang yan, Gilbert. It doesn't prevent us from doing what we have to do anyways. :)

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