Thursday, February 22, 2007

The world doesn't owe YOU anything. Please...

A bit hesitant writing this down but I guess I need to get this out of my chest. Have you ever been called up or texted by your relatives before and the minute you do, you know it is just because they need something from you? My relationship with some of my relatives have always been on Low key most of the time. Everytime they call, I just don't feel good about it. It is just the way they say things I guess, you know like it is just so normal for them to ask favors as if they were asking for candies. When I was a kid growing up, I never really think that any of my relatives supports me, some do but not the way I expect them to, simply because I don't expect them to. I've always wanted for things to look up ever since my parents got separated. I've never asked any of my ninongs or ninangs for help. I've been with lots of different relatives and have always felt like a bouncing ball, always gets passed around. Nothing to complain about though. We all should know by now that a Guest in the house becomes Pests if they over stayed their welcome right? The only real house that I loved growing up with is actually in the slums with my Lola Petra (Mother side) who passed away too soon. She was the only one who believed that I was good and she was determined to guide me, she lead by example. I've always been a naughty boy growing up and I can still remember being so stubborn and would shout back at any elders if I don't get my way. She stayed calm through out those years until I finally came to my senses. My lola is a saint. She told me that people no matter what should not step down on other people, but instead be helped. In that little house made of old wood, I stayed with her together with My uncle and Auntie Nita ( who helped me get the things i need and not what I want. Always be grateful for that.) and my cousins. Funny, I had more fun there than anywhere I stayed. Unlike them, a few of my relatives now tend to think that in some strange ways I need to help them. I don't know why. It really hurts that every time I invite them to parties and such, they would be so busy that you even have to get them a service just to attend. I even have the worst experience that whenever I got sick? Friends and not relatives would help out. When I was experiencing so much back pains and could not move, I called someone for help, he just said, he can't come visit or take me to the hospital because of work. Luckily, the pain subsided. I guess it was due to stress. Most recently someone called up and even told me that she knew about me lending money to my sister. What gall huh? That sister was one and would most probably my best supporter in life and career, she helped me during my lowest times. I would certainly lend her a hand in an instant. My wife, even asked me with much surprise on her face. Why do you care so much for people who is never there for you? A question, I've never entertained until now. To all of you who can read this. Try to remember that relatives are not there for favors. but instead for company, call because you care and not because you need something. Talk about the good time and all the bad. If we do have that kind of relationship, maybe then and only then can we share favors together. I love my relatives, I really do. But I think they should do what I did. Don't ask for too much favors, survive.

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Anonymous said...

sad truth...yah..kainins noh, kasi feeling natin were obliged to return to them whatever it is na nabigay o nagawa nila satin (whether real or imagined)..

yah, i think i know how that feels..not only relatives but also fair weather friends who only remember and keep in touch when they need pathetic!..

hay, i guess u have to entertain the question that your wife asked...kasi parang theyre abusing na what is it to them if you lend anyone , your sis or whoever your's your discretion noh kung when magpapahiram or not tapos money mo nman yun, kaw yung naghirap nun noh..

hehehe, got carried away sa journal mo..ehehehe

godbless you gilbert!:)