Monday, April 07, 2008

Got featured on the Phil. Daily Inquirer!

I know this interview was coming out but I don't know just when. It did come out yesterday, April 6, 2008 inside the pages of the Philippine Daily Inquirer.
We got excited to find out that it was almost a whole page feature. But what I really loved the most about it is that Ms. Marlet Salazar's writing was beautiful and the message I was trying to send out? Perfectly executed and I am proud to have read it. You can find sincerity in the way she writes it. During the interview, my mind was everywhere, talking my heart out and was actually worried that she'd have a hard time collecting all the data and putting all the pieces back together. Thank you Marlet for sending out my message is all I can say.

My Mom texted me that she was in a resort attending a friend's Birthday when her friend brought the newspaper, she saw... me. :)


mark said...

here's the link, guys:

askalfreak said...

You are one admirable person, Gilbert. Your commitment is infectious. It is one of the rare chances that I get to interview a person who is really honest. I must say you are one of my favorite interviewees. Also, I am just the messenger, and I am honored to send your thoughts to people.
BTW, thanks to Robin for bridging the communication between us :D

JORI said...

The best ka talaga.