Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Been meaning to write something here and for such a long time now, I've just used this blog to showcase some of my works. I guess I am not really someone who can instantly write anything and everything on a public blog. In fact, I find it very hard to read through other people's blog especially if they seemed like a novel long. I just wish they can just get to the point. So, here it goes then, me trying to write something more than just simple short messages from time to time.

Self-publishing two titles recently, and even though I've never felt so proud with my decision to do it. Reality is still something that hasn't escaped me. The amount of effort, creativity and yes, money to produce these books is nothing short of Titanic. Being a family man, I am trying to be careful not to be too careless for the sake of my kids. I am blessed to have a wonderful wife who although not without a limit, supports and believe in what I am trying and still doing today. I am surviving, constantly trying to balance work well... with more work in order for me to afford taking these risks. Imagine, writing, pencilling, coloring books for a living, now double that just to finish these books (Tropa and Rambol) on the side. In fact, I felt that in a sad way, I've lost some opportunities locally figuring that other publishers tend to shy away knowing that I am also publishing comics on my own. Luckily, I have a more stable job that was entrusted to me for several years now. Without that, well... let us just say, all this gets a bit scarier than it is now.

So, Here I am still hammering away with the pages, giving my services to komiks for free. Let's face it, at this point with my rates. Even I can't afford my services. Now, imagine that and all the costs producing Tropa and Rambol just to prove a point? Who am I truly working for? That is the question I suddenly asked myself. Well, I am working for the readers, no matter how hard it is to reach them, no matter how hard it will be to finally attract their attention just to try this little piece of literature, or art. I am here still working for you. It was never about the money, I've entered this profession because I have faith. Faith that just like me, there will be kids who will benefit by reading comics, like it had benefitted me growing up.

As a kid, I have always been an outcast, not evidently but looking back knowing I only had a handful of friends. I guess that makes me one. Most of the time, I've always felt that I was alone. Coming from a broken family, living from relatives to relatives is not really an ideal life to be in. Comics have provided me with things that may seem strange but true. It had provided me hope, learning that even superheroes bled just to stand tall and mighty in the end, because they have faith. It also gave me an identity, drawing since I was a toddler was a thing that could have simply been a phase to any individual, knowing comics gave me a connection to what I really am, an artist, a reader and a storyteller. It also gave me one of the important things in my life, it gave me a dream. That dream is a flame to me, a flame that guided me to places and opportunities that felt almost preordained. I felt destined, for although it was never always easy, time and time again, comic has provided me just enough to live by and to go on.
And go on I will, A geek on a mission. Not for anything else, Instead for the simple things, the stories to be shared and the friendships to be made through comics. The way I see it, I have several bosses, my passion, my family and you, every comic reader who is willing to take a risk and grab a comic book. Just like me, there are a few brave souls who treks this uncertain task. They are all like brothers to me, connected with a love for this medium.
All I can ask is for you to let me. For those who have read any of my works? Thank you.


RapidBlade said...

HIndi sir! Kami dapat ang magpasalamt sa inyo sa pagbahagi ng talento nyo sa amin! :D

Gio Paredes said...

I am so inspired by the word that you have put up here.

Planet Markus said...

we're all in this together, sir.

keep working and well keep supporting.

Reno said...

Gilbert! Optimistic akong the ball will get rolling soon. You know what I'm talking about... ;)

kc cordero said...

may mga dahilan tayong mga nagmula sa komiks para lumingon kung saan tayo nanggaling. saludo ako sa 'yo.

Aaron Turon said...

Inspiring sir, really inspiring. :)Saludo ako sa inyo! Isa kayo sa dahilan kung ba't nahilig ako magdrawing ulit at magbasa ng comics! :D

askalfreak said...

with your faith and dedication? anything is possible.
so with a person like you doing this advocacy, the dream is now coming true.

Ner P said...

ganda naman ng posts mo bert. very inspiring!

tuloy ang pakikibaka!