Friday, June 06, 2008


Haven't posted anything here since my return home from M3 on the last day of May. It is now June and I've been hammering away with new pages from all sides. I have come to realize a lot of things after Mangaholix 3. The event was successfull and I'd like to thank the Mangaholix crew for letting us join the fun.

Fun, he he he, I came to realize that I am not young anymore. The music was too loud for me, we were so err too close to the stage/speakers and most of the time I can't hear myself. One of the rare times that I'd shut up because my motormouth was useless there hehe. I also found out that COSPLAYERS are the real star of the show. They are fantastic to look at and I think that even without anything under that roof, the event will be successfull. You don't have to put anything there to show. The showcased artworks all came in eventually, The cosplayers were the walking artworks there. It is an amazing sight.

Urbandub rocks!!! Me and my wife agrees on that.

I'd also like to thank Renie and Levy for always giving us a helping hand.

I can't write much yet, need to draw faster to meet deadlines so ciao for now. Will post previews soon though.

link sa mga pix:

Stay tuned :)


Hazel Chua said...

Hi Gilbert! I just need to ask again... should I get the copyright registration and ISBN first for my comics or should I get a business permit first? Please advice. Thanks!!!

monsanto said...

Since the copyright will be named after you and not your business name, you can get that copyrighted first but since the ISBN is also located inside the same building where the copyright office is located. I think you should get your business name first from the DTI to make sure that your bus. name is available. because you will have to leave an image copy to both offices. Kailangan ang ibibigay mo ay yung final name na at di mo kailangan ipabago iyon.

So yun, secure name first sa DTI. Secure copyright and get ISBN, tapos business permit sa munisipyo.

Hope this helps :)
Good luck on your book!

Hazel Chua said...

uy salamat! so pupunta muna ako ng DTI. siguro unahin ko na rin kumuha ng bus permit before applying for the ISBN and copyright

Hazel Chua said...

don't I need to get registered first in SEC and BIR before applying for the ISBN? sorry for the questions. I just need to organize the things I would do

monsanto said...

Kung sole prop lang, kailangan mo muna ng name mula sa DTI di na kailangan sa SEC yun ang ipapakita mo sa BIR

Pag may approved name ka na mula sa DTI saka ka pumunta sa copyright and ISBN


levy said...

sir wala ba tayo mga picture dyan whehehehehehehehe

RapidBlade said...

No Prob sir! Anytime, We're always to lend a helping hand! ..astig, napa english tuloy ako! hehehee