Monday, June 23, 2008

Whole day without electricity because of "FRANK"

Frank is the name of the storm that our country is experiencing right now. As early as 5am yesterday up to 4am this morning, there was no electricity. We still went to church without the kids, and went straight to the mall for our weekly grocery. We were suppose to go to a kiddie birthday party that afternoon but were informed that it was postponed; the area around the venue was flooded.

Back at home later that day, I tried to draw even though it was a bit dark. The whole time, I realised that our work relies too much on electricity. Without it, all I can really do is draw without any ways of scanning and sending the images via email. I felt trapped and although it was a chance to really play with the kids and rest, I'm still wondering about how things will be like if the brownout was frequent like a few years back?

We relied on my father in law's portable radio that has a wind up feature to store battery. He said it was new and he'd not recharged the batteries yet so I volunteered to wind it up every 5 minutes or so hehe. It was fun to do. The news was of course dreadful, lots of accidents and casualties.

During the night we had to stay up late because there was no electric fan and my wife and I had to take turns and be the fan for the kids :)It was not really hot but we are making sure that they won't sweat and catch cold in the process. The kids getting is far worse than staying up to make sure they won't get sick we figured.

I just hope the storm ends soon. And pray that everyone I know is safe.

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