Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Rambol komiks- hard to find? Click the link

I've heard this story from different people already, this is the first time that somebody actually wrote something about it. Please click the link to read Mark's tale.


Thanks Mark for sharing this one.

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Robin C. Rivero said...

I remember when I interviewed Jescie Palabay he told me they had the same problems with Culture Crash. The big retailers didn't prominently display the issues. Worse they weren't with the magazines, parang kung saang shelf lang naitambak.

Mabuti na lang you have astute readers who can give places like NBS feedback. There was a time when locally produced children's books suffered from the same fate; but with constant lobbying from writers, artists and the reading public, nagkaroon ng matinong display yung mga libro.

Here's keeping our fingers crossed then :)