Monday, June 09, 2008

Family time in IslandCove June 7, 2008

We went to Island Cove in Bacoor Cavite. The place has new sections that the family will surely enjoy. Since I was a kid, I've had nothing but fond memories here, the place was named differently before, I think it was Covelandia. I think it just got even better with its addition of the mini Zoo.

We went swimming 'til noon then straight to the mini-zoo after Shawn took a nap in the car. The animals here are all healthy looking and it is so easy to go around. There is a bike rental or you can ride to what my kid refers as the Toy Car :) that will get you to the crocodiles. They fed the crocs when we went in with a chicken (dead one). At firt Kyle got excited and said. " I'm Happy! " Then we explained how deadly these creatures are so he won't go too near the fences.

Within the farm are the monkeys surrounded by water, my wife told me, it reminded her of the show "LOST" they are stranded in a man made island hehe. the funny this is. If even the crocs escape, they will the first to get eaten. Yikes. We went back to the where the birds and the tigers are kept. We saw this young Hawk that got his wing trapped between the screen cage. Its attempt to free himself only caused more injury because it was using it's sharp beak wounding the wing, blood trickling down already. I rush to call the caretaker, they managed to fix the prob and thanked us. They'll just call the doctor I guess to fix the wounds. After that we enjoyed the geese as they came close as if talking to us but I knew they wanted to chase us away hehe. Anyway, they are making funny noises. We then saw a Cassowari bird, a big strange lookig one that reminded me of the Jurassic park film. I told my wife that the strange thing on its head would give out a noise akin to the dinosaurs in the film I was looking at the female, I was making bird noise then it happened. The male bird shout at me full blast, he was in a different cage but he was staring at me, maybe got jealous. I was right! It really was a scary dinosaur sounding voice. This bird is taller than me so you could imagine it was one hehe.

After that we went back to the other kiddie pool where me and my kids stayed until 5:30 pm.

Not much time to go around but the stay was worth it in my book. I'd recommend that place anytime.

My wife still asks the question, Why do they breed deadly Crocodiles?



Robin C. Rivero said...

That was awesome! And the kids have grown so much :) We owe you guys. Here's hoping we can catch up a bit more during the Toycon. See ya!

PhilTanArt said...

NICE! : )

Bacoor Cavite?! That's where I spent more than 15 years of my life! haha...

Good to hear they are developing the place better!