Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Our trip to the U. S. part 2

Our second day in San Diego, we decided to use a Trolley bus. So, we can look around all over the city. The great thing about this one is that you'll learn about the history of the place as you go, if you decide to drop by a certain place. When you ride again, even with a different number, you'll still continue to learn new things but in a different point of view, coming from a specific driver/comedian, they want the trip to be entertaining as well.

Our first stop is at the harbor to go inside the ships and submarine turned museums. It was neat to be able explore and talk about stuffs inside, it can really stir up you imaginations :)

After that, we waited for the next trolley to arrive, it took like 15 mins wait but you know what? we looked at the schedules of arrival and it turned out that they seldom get late. Almost on time all the time.

Our next stop is supposedly another tourist spot where later on found out that it was just located just behind Hyatt Hotel which is near the Convention center where the SDCC was held. Anyways, it was a tourist trap of sort, lots of souvenir shops there. Danger zone for us, our Spidey senses are tinggling the whole time. We had to get out there soon :)

After that we headed to the beach, if I remember it right the CORONADO beach. We ate mexican food where the taco was superb! The serving was also big that I was not able to finish my plate? Glenda was actually shocked I couldn't hehe. Getting old I guess haha. Glenda likes mexicali in the Philippines, but this is the real thing.

After eating, we went to the beach front at the Hotel del Coronado.

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