Friday, August 15, 2008

Our Trip to the U.S.

I really don't know how to start this one, we've (my wife and I)been to San Deigo and Hawaii for 2 weeks and it was definitely a memorable trip for me,since this is my first time to set foot on american soil. As a kid I grew up watching Sesame Street and Hollywod movies and I've always wondered what it was like to be there. I've heard stories from relatives and friends about their trips and it always sounds so different. Now at 36, It finally happened. My wife makes things happen for me, she's always been there to push me towards the things I wouldn't have tried when I was single. "Thanks Lovey."

I've always been scared of flying but, I always go and look out the window hehe. Here saying bye to the Philippine air space :)

One thing I realized first is that we'll be sitting inside an airplane for long hours. Good thing we know that drinking coffee is not good for our body chemistry so we tried our best to avoid drinking any. On our stop in Japan, we get to order McDonalds and like a game, we usually compare prices and taste of any brand and try to figure out what they might have done to try and make their brand acceptable to other countries. One thing is for sure, it is expensive in Japan hehe. The serving is not much bigger than in the Philippines so I guess it is really expensive to live there.

Hello American air space :)

Our point of entry is L.A. and as we head off the exit, an officer asked us a few questions. We realized he's pinoy when heasked if there is "la balot? " I actually checked his name tag as we approached them, I think it lugauit or something. It just got confirmed when he said some tagalog :)

We got a bit lost so we missed our connecting flight to San Diego. Good thing we didn't have to wait for the 6pm flight. We got on the next flight within that hour.

We arrived in San Diego around 1-2pm so we head on straight to Best Western Seven Seas hotel. It was a nice place, they said it got renovated just recently so maybe that is good thing we picked that place. Pretty far from the Convention Center but at least it's decent.

My wife is always on the go during trips like these, so off we go to Sea World that same day! We just took a trolley and a bus to get there. We are quite adventurous that way. One thing about the trolley, we paid for our ride using a machine but we found out that there was no conductor, nothing to check your ticket. We just looked at each other thinking people here must be honest enough not to just hitch a ride for free. Will never happen here in our country :) Now the bus driver never carries any cash, there is a machine for that, no change folks, only exact fare. If that could only happen here in Manila, things would be better. Although no conductor means less employment huh? :(

Another chance for us to compare food servings :) This is too much for a single order don't you think? so we usually share hehe.

We went back to the hotel around 11pm. Went to a convenience store to get some ice cream and food, then went back and called it a day.

to be continued...

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Richard Moratin said...

Wow ang sarap naman ng experience na yan Kuya Gilbert. Hehehe, 2 weeks vacation kaya pala walang drawings for a long time. :D