Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Our trip to the U.S. part 2b

After that we took another trolley ride and went to the San Diego Zoo. As we feared, it was a big place and we really got tired soon enough hehe. We called this our shortest Zoo Trip ever. It is a good thing we took the ticket with the guide bus ride around the Zoo.

After that we decided to head finally to the Convention Center to get out badges. Unfortunately, the trolley took a detour and did not pass the place, we had to walk several blocks just to get there. The starting tome to get the 4-day badges was 3, it was 5:30 when we got there. We got a huge surprise to find hundred lining up outside just to get inside, it took 2 hours just to get inside, the people are talking that this seemed to be the first time that this happened. It is a crazy snake of a line.

Finally we got inside, it was already too late for most of the preview showing so we just went in and found right away how huge this place is. We got buy a few TPBs and got as much freebies as we could :) It was exciting but because we went to all those places before this, I was too tired to celebrate that I am in COMICON! We checked and planned for what we'll do tomorrow and headed back finally to the Hotel, we took a cab that usually costs around 13 dollars plus tip. I think it was around eleven when we arrived to rest. I tried to work, unfortunately too tired to do so hehe.

To be continued...

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Planet Markus said...

Galing!.. You saw Mark 1 in person :D