Sunday, May 15, 2005

DIGMAAN page 21

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Elbert said...

Zarbot? Sino siya? Sino lumikha? Saan siya unang lumabas?

Grabe, ang saya talaga magbasa ng Digmaan, Kuya Gilbert! Para siyang part-comics, part-trivia quiz...test your Pinoy superhero knowledge! :D

monsanto said...

Zarbot is created by Jim Fernandez and Hal Santiago.1980's yata ito na published sa GASI.

May rendition din si Reno Maniquis(Maskarado)sa site niya, ito ang link:

Jonas Diego said...

Uy naaalala ko pa ito! :)

Jac said...

OMG!!! Zarbot! I remember him!!! I read it from the start! I hope the blond kid grew up to be as buff as his bionic limbs :p I never got to finish the story :(

Borgy said...

Zarbot eventually met the gods of Greek/Roman Myth and fought in their war.

When he returned to Earth, his creator/sugar mommy added "enhancements" that, well, allowed him to procreate... leading to a race of superhumans.

And Zarbot's design is a rip-off of Dr. Manhattan (just remove the radar dish ears). ^_^

monsanto said...

Thanks for the additional info Geoff :) Ah when Dr. Manhattan became a Mickey Mouse member and wore those mickey hats :)

Ano pangalan niya? Secret ID? if you can recall? anybody?

Borgy said...

No prob. And originally, Zarbot's symbol on his forehead resembled the atomic insignia of Manhattan where his radar dish ears converged (hence the skullcap-like effect).

Zarbot was a super-intelligent robot crafted by a female scientist in the image of her late husband who died in the same accident that made her son lose both arms and legs (familiar storyline for you no? tee-hee!).

Ubod_ng_Lumpia said...

ngayon ko lang narinig yung zarbot ha :)

yung bang kalaban ni capt barbel original character po ba yun? --kino-- :)

monsanto said...

Si Vargo, the planetman? new character? Yes and no. It will all be revealed in due time. Not to worry.