Sunday, May 08, 2005

Our very own captain.

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Mars Ravelo's Captain Barbell is far none the Philippines' most popular superhero strongman. He was created to promote good health for the filipinos. But for me, he's shown so much more than that. I think he symbolizes our country as a whole. For as Enteng, the original skinny guy who was chosen because of his pure selfless heart lifts a golden Barbell to become a champion to save the oppressed from any type of bad elements that plagues our country. Captain Barbell inspired readers to keep on going when the going gets tough.

I for one, sees him this way. Endurance is what our people has to offer in this world. Hope is always there to get us through a very rough day. Even if we may seem weak to overcome any obstacle, it only takes heart to endure and finally succeed in the end.

So here is my version of him. I think this is the closest rendition to the original costume.

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azrael said...

astig nya!
kuhang kuha yung tigasin at makamacho super hero ahahahaa

dedboy said...

sir gilbert, i just want to ask you something about captain barbell, do you know who published the first issue of captain barbell in pinoy komiks, or do you know who published pinoy komiks? I really need your help. Because I am adding our Filipino comics heroes in this site called COMICVINE. Thank you very much.

monsanto said...

Ipagtatanong ko, pwede mo rin itanong kay Gerry Alanguilan baka mas alam niya. Tignan mo kung may files sa komikero.con niya.

Balitaan kita.

dedboy said...

Ang nakalagay lang po kasi ay Pinoy Komiks, walang publisher.
Salamat po sir gilbert.

Jayson said...

Wow! Galeeng niyo talaga sir! Isa sa mga best rendition ni Capt. Barbell... kasing husay din tulad nung kay Sir Reno Maniquis...

DreadKnoxx said...

eto link nang nag publish ng pinoy komiks. naabutan ko yung ofc ng GASI
sa 18th avenue cubao. sayang coz ngayon ginawa ng badminton court yung compound nila.

monsanto said...

Dreadknoxx: ganun ba? well siguro ngayon di na sila irereklamo ng mga katabing mga bahay. Noon kasi galit sila kasi magdamag ang printing ng komiks, maingay daw ang mga printers na malalaki. :)