Sunday, May 29, 2005

got a Juggernaut toy from a friend :)

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A week ago, Alejandro "Boy" Sicat, inker of Marvel's District X and now Mutopia, went back to the Philippines. At my request, he found us a Juggernaut action figure that my wife and I have been looking for but can't seem to find, except for the over-priced ones displayed inside hobby shops. Now, it was graciously given to us by a friend. How cool is that? Thanks Boy for the sweet gift. May your great fortune being the inker of Lan Medina continue.

He also showed me pages from the book he's working on. Fantabulous as usual. I hope, he'll stay a little longer next time.


fingertapper1 said...

wow congrats! you finally got one! after all this time looking for it... and it looks good... do you collect every single one of the Ml toys? kasi my problem with them is not every toy is the same qulity as the other... ung iba maganda tapos may iba panget...

monsanto said...

We only buy the great looking figures :) no use buying the ugly ones naman eh :)