Tuesday, August 02, 2005


Here I am again, to continue my ride towards memory lane. Trying to figure out where my addiction to comic book started and how it affected me to be where I am today. Last time, I started my tale with how I got hooked on comics.
Now I realized that It actually started much earlier. I think I was five when the entire family lived in a different house. We had a 2-floor house with four bedrooms. The biggest rooms I share with three siblings, very playful siblings I might add. The first ever image I would come to be excited about was the first time we had the SESAME STREET 12 inch record. You know, the type where we actually need a diamond tipped needle to hear it play? Everybody was so excited, I was focus on the drawing on the cover. I practically, grew up with these characters. I watch the show almost religiously, the TV we had was enormous and in Black and white. Imagine seeing them on the cover in full color. Also, there was a segment that shows Superman flying and lands to say, "S, for Superman!" wow! I can't believe I can still remember that.
Anyway, we had a Automotive workshop that father owns below us, like an assembly line for Jeepneys and baby buses( A smaller version of a bus most popular in the Philippines during those times.) Life was good, back then. Until, one night after watching Carrie, the movie where their house got burned at the end of the movie? (it seemed like during those times, there was no MTRCB so anyone can come see a violent movie if a 5 year old boy goes in with the parents.)Anyway, we went home to find that our happy home was burning as well. Good buy to memories, including a whole lot of "the cat in a hat" books. A very sad day indeed.
After that we stayed to different apartments. Where I was introduced to a lot of japanese cartoons like Voltes V, mazinger Z and a whole lot more. My big brother George, taught me my very first and last lesson in drawing. He prepared a lot of dots that my hand with a pen in hand should follow, connecting the dots until it became a drawing. It was MAZINGER Z. The first drawing I ever did. And told me that it was the space between the lines are the real image that we draw and not the lines itself. The lines are the container of the images we want to show. Until now, i still apply that theory. Big Thanks Kuya George on that one.
After a few more moves, we are now at the 4-story building I mentioned at the first part of my story. My favorite channel then was RPN 9, there was a program that was called RETURN ENGAGEMENT. This show has everything on it from Barry Manilow concerts to dance and then some. I watched a special feature about a man who made drawings for a living. He then, made a demonstration and drew using a Pentel pen his character.
Image hosted by Photobucket.comIt came out to be Snoopy and the man was Charles Shulz. Until now, I can still remember how fast that drawing was done. It was amazing. Snoopy stayed to be my favorite character ever.

( End of Part 2)

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