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I got these results using
GILBERT( First name)
English, French, Flemish, and Dutch: of Germanic origin, introduced to Britain by the Normans. It is composed of the elements gisil pledge + berht bright, famous. This was the name of the founder of the only native British religious order (abolished at the Dissolution of the Monasteries), St Gilbert of Sempringham (?1083–1189), in whose honour it is still sometimes bestowed, especially among Roman Catholics. It gained a wider currency in the 19th century. In Gaelic Scotland the name was used from an early period to render the name Gille Brighde "servant of St Bridget", gradually assuming the form Gilleabart. Short form: English: Gib.Pet forms: Scottish: Gibby (Gaelic Gibidh).

VILLANUEVA(Middle Initial):
habitational name from any of the numerous places named Villanueva, from Spanish villa ‘(outlying) farmstead’, ‘(dependent) settlement’ + nueva (feminine) ‘new’ (Latin nova).

Castilianized spelling of Catalan and Galician Vilanova, a habitational name from a frequent place name, of the same derivation as 1 above.

MONSANTO( My surname):
Spanish and Portuguese: habitational name from Monsanto (‘sacred mountain’) in Beira or one of the other places so named.

Basically, I am bright and famous servant living in a new home on top of the sacred mountain. Ain't that cool?

Here is for my wife's name--------

Welsh: modern coinage, composed of the vocabulary words glân clean, pure, holy + da good.

Lorraine ( SECOND NAME):
English and Scottish: transferred use of the surname, denoting a migrant from the province of Lorraine in eastern France. This derives its name from Latin Lotharingia "territory of the people of Lothar" (see Lothar). Lorraine began to be used as a female given name in the 19th century, and has recently become enormously popular, for reasons which are not clear. Variant: Lorane.Pet forms: Lor(r)i.

So, she is from Lothar who is pure and holy who now lives in a sacred mountain.

No results for her Surname, Ablaza though.

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