Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Something Nice came our way.( ALYSSA'S LATEST ARTWORK )

This came from the mail a few days ago. It was from My wife's sister and family who are now living in the UK. Inside was this artwork done by Alyssa Gabrielle Medalla.
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Arielle is a very intelligent girl. She has many talents, including singing, dancing and of course, art! During her stay here with us, she usually watches me draw. We usually play and color her stuff using Photoshop. I guess, the best way to learn is to watch someone actually draw. Although, she really is a fast learner.

Keep it up Arielle! Your tita Glenda and tito Gilbert love you, support you and are very much proud of you!


Ed said...

When I was nine, I can't remember drawing better than this. Argh! If I can find my very old drawings...I lost all of it. Gah!

Nakakinspire minsan mga bata, lalo na if they join you while you draw too. :)


monsanto said...

Ako rin, I have no old works especially those I've done when i was a kid :) We moved too much all those times :)

sayang no?