Thursday, August 18, 2005


Okay, back to my memory blimps. There came a time when comic books are scarce, mostly because my big brother hides them from me now and I was too young to have an allowance big enough to have me some. I usually gets to see my brother draw for his school projects. They are plates with drawings, I really liked his work on Superman. Those classic Superman poses he copied from the pages of comic books, but he's rendition was awesome. He never brags about them though, he just kept them as far away from me. I asked him to help me with a school project that needed drawings. Do you know what he said to me? " I will not do that for you! Make your own work so you can get your own grades!" snotty hack! but it actually helped me, surprisingly. After that I was able to do my own stuffs, and was proud about them.

Deprived from comic resources, I used the TV. I would stare straight at cartoon shows like Ghost Busters and He-Man the masters of the universe. Plus the Old Marvel cartoon shows, the ones with one movement methods! Batman (Adam West) was also on air. Plus, the Encyclopedia. Well, i found that comics was inside those pages as well. We also had this big bible, remember when we all are small kids. Everything was big. This bible has tons of paintings inside, they were awesome. Believe it or not, I even woke up late when everyone is sleeping and found myself watching Beatles cartoons.
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comics I have managed to get a hold on to were The Avengers, Spider-man and X-men titles.
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I personally loved the Havok Vs. Cyclops fights. Brother against brother!
Finally, my brother brought me to his friends place, actually we just waited outside. He was able to borrow this Fantastic Issue!
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This is the first time that I actually realized that the ones doing these pages are called Comics Superstars or something like that. By this time, I can read and I read my idol's name. He is John Byrne, how do you pronounce "Byrne" I did not care, I just memorized the spelling. Now, i have read this book and kept on looking at those pages, mesmerized with all the characters inside. Spidey,Captain America,Gladiator,X-men/skrulls and of course the Fantastic Four.The classic Marvel slugfest. I asked my brother if we could keep that darn copy. We have to return it nevertheless. It actually broke my heart to see that copy go. (I have a copy of that issue now, courtesy of my friend Gerry Alanguilan who gave that to me as a gift when he went to the San Diego Con a few years back.)
After that realization I investigated to find out the names of all the comic book artists I can put inside my head, I can actually tell who drew a page just by looking at them. Well, actually the older guys anyways. That is how i found about styles.
This is when I dreamed of being a comic book artist. I knew it was a longshot and never really thought It was possible but hey! I was a kid, I can dream can't I?

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reno said...

Fellow John Byrne fan ka pala!

I think sa mga foreign illustrators, si John Byrne ang aking biggest influence. Makikita mo sa draeing ko lalo na pagdating sa figure work.

monsanto said...

Yup! Pati si Lando Inolino, John Byrne din iyong style hehe.

Kita ko nga sa mga hatches mo :)