Monday, August 15, 2005


A friend of mine asked me for a quick pencilled page for him to do some inking practice. This one is a 15 minute piece. After inking it, he gave it to another friend of ours to color, and here is the final look. I added the texts just now.

Pencil and text: Gilbert Monsanto
Inked by: Aries Mendoza
Colored by: Rain Beredo

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GoingNuckinFuts said...

Is Digmaan a comic inthe Philipines??? Yo the art is just real nice...too bad I cant read it

monsanto said...

DIGMAAN is a free fanfiction comics only available here in this blog. Tribute to all Philippine comic characters from different creators to try and promote and update them in one single gigantic story. My wife plans to do a translation in script form below for you guys to understand very soon. I'll give you guys heads up when she finally starts that :)


monsanto said...

DIGMAAN means WAR by the way :)