Thursday, August 11, 2005


Here is another entry on how I came to be who I am today. I believe during my elementary school days, I came to find more comics that just got me hooked. This time, it will be the HULK's turn to lure me further to my addiction. Even though by this time I am already drawing stuffs like Voltes V and all those early anime that I copy by looking straight from TV. Having to look inside the pages of comic books really got my heart beat faster with glee and excitement within my own personal space. During this time, I was still too young to read properly so I usually take my time looking at each and every panel and try to understand what is going on. My brother have always been so careful with his copies that he actually hides them from me. I am not sure how but I was still able to read a few of them. Hulk issues 199 and 200 blew me away.
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After reading or should I say, scanning those issues. I started drawing the hulk over and over again. But something was so wrong with my work that evertime I remember that mistake, I could almost giggle. That mistake is drawing Hulk with two left fists. I am using my right hand to draw so i usually use my left as reference thus unintentionally drawing two lefts :)
The amazing thing about the medium is that, however how young I was? I knew the heroes from the villains. I knew by heart what was happening just by looking at those images and expressions on their faces. Storytelling at its best. So good, that years later when I was already able to read and believe me, I had that motivation to learn to read. To finally read those letters inside the balloons. The story in my head without the words and now with them completely together? It was the same, although the words gave more details and life to the pages, they have the same exact spirit even without those words. During this time, I was thinking that these comics are done by some paper gods of some sort. Ah, those magical days.
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Robby Villabona said...


Who was the artist in the Hulk comics you read? I remember the definitive Hulk artist for me was Sal Buscema... not the greatest, but his Hulk drawings defined the character for me, though I really didn't read a lot of Hulk.

monsanto said...

err... I can't be certain. But I agree with you about Sal Buscema defining a lasting look for the HULK. Those big hands ang broad feet. Anyone here knows? please do tell us.

reno said...

I still have the one on the left, and I'm pretty sure it was Sal Buscema who did that.